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Intermittent Connection issues Subscribe

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.

Mar 13, 23:55 MDT

Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.

Mar 13, 23:28 MDT

Identified - There is a high amount of traffic on the network indicating a DDoS attack we are working towards finding a solution to this issue, the latency issues seems fixed

Mar 13, 23:22 MDT

Update - There is currently a lot of traffic on the network and we are taking steps to mitigate this issue

Mar 13, 22:50 MDT

Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.

Mar 13, 22:46 MDT

Power Issues

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.

Mar 3, 11:26 MST

Monitoring - The server is back, the issue was that the ups failed due to battery not charging and this somehow affected a few if the networking devices. However power to the building was not lost

Mar 3, 11:25 MST

Identified - A ups power failure occurred causing things to go offline things should be up soon

Update - We believe this issue is with networking hardware issues but we are not fully sure yet

Mar 3, 10:07 MST

Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.

Mar 3, 08:50 MST

Our Upcoming Plans and some news

Hello everyone, we have some plans to expand out to other things other than a minecraft server. We plan to expand out to a game Called If you didn't know is a soft body physics game with an aim towards realistic damage and physics. It is owned by a smaller game developer and is still in alpha. Now does not have a built in multiplayer online mode. This means that a third party solution was made. The solution was called BeamMp. BeamMp is very unstable with many issues. The biggest of them being that the server ping is high and most servers are really bad and can barley handle 5 players. My mission is to have a decent US server with good ping. Most servers have over 200 ping, Not good. With my network setup my US server will have way lower ping than most. While I don't have a 10gbps corporate connection, I do have a good 1gbps connection with good ping more than capable of running a BeamMp server. I am going to start working things out with my provider so that I can have this all setup and ready to go. In the meantime I am working on the website an starting work on the duels server.

Intermittent connection issues

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.

Jan 24, 20:34 MST

Update - We have implemented another fix and now monitoring we believe the issue is now fixed

Jan 24, 20:02 MST

Update - We are continuing to have issues. We will continue to look for fixes to this issue. We will have to start to get into contact with providers.

Jan 24, 13:00 MST

Update - Still seeing issues and it seems to be worse than it was before . We are sorry for all of the issues lately we have been trying our best to keep the server playable in these issues but it has not been easy every smp and anarchy player will receive a free diamond sword on for all the recent inconveniences.

Jan 24, 12:09 MST

Monitoring - We have implemented a fix and now monitoring, to see if it is fixed

Jan 24, 12:03 MST

Update - We are still seeing issues with intermittent connectivity to the server we are going to be switching back to the backup server again and there will only be smp and anarchy game modes to play on. Please be patent as continue to figure out what the issues is.

Jan 23, 21:07 MST

Update - Currently seeing no issues when using the backup server network. This is a backend issue of some kind we will be working to find a fix to this issue.

Jan 23, 10:42 MST

Identified - There seems to be an issue when you try to contact the server due to this we will be trying the backup server to see if this is a backend issue or not so the server will go into maintenance for a bit.

Jan 23, 10:22 MST

Update - We believe this issues is with a DDoS attack on our provider this is similar to an issue that happened a couple of days ago. But it is believed top be on our provider as we are not noticing issues on our end

Jan 23, 00:52 MST

Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.

Jan 23, 00:47 MST

*In An effort to keep the server up and playable have loaded up the backup server but there are only 2 playable games currently smp, and anarchy.*

Investigating - Hey everyone, there have been some networking issues that I have notice in the last few minutes. Plus the server Is not as performant as It should be. We also want to raise your awareness on potential new Log4j vulnerabilities. We recommend you make sure you update an we are doing stuff on our end as well.

Jan 18, 19:59 MST

Identified - There are periods of high network traffic and multiple unknow IP addresses connected to the server on our rdp port . As for the log4j issues status, we are currently working on it. the server seems to be more performant.

Jan 18, 20:54 MST

Monitoring - Creative, Smp, and Anarchy are functional other server were affected by a database error of some kind we will be investigating and then restoring from backup as soon as possible. You can join but there is a cap of 50 players and there will be some performance issues.

Jan 18, 22:54 MST

Update - Well We fixed the network issues and still working to bring the other servers and the rest of the database online.

Jan 19, 17:52 MST

Update - We are continuing to monitor for any further issues. ( server is back and will be opened to half capacity)

Jan 19, 20:26 MST

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.

Jan 19, 23:08 MST

Garrettmc Server expansion 2022

Hey everyone,

In the very near future we will be upgrading the server hardware. With this new upgrade we will be able to have more game modes and hold more players. We plan on adding gamemodes such as skyblock, duels, murder mystery, skywars, build battle, creative, as well as a couple other minigames. When we do this expansion we will also be able to have more players on the server. We hope you guys have had a good holiday season.

We also want to tell you the full case on the ransomware attacks that took the server out from December 16th to yesterday. These attack hit 2 of the 3 servers at 03:36 MST on 12/15/21. The servers affected was the active directory logon server as well as the file and print server. I wasn't aware of this until later that day. The attack also hit my personal laptop. I used a usb to reinstall everything. I did this because the stuff on my laptop is backed up to cloud servers. I did not realize the attack had affected those servers until 12/16/21. The issue with those servers were that restoring from backup could end up causing more damage due to the fact that the ransomware could encrypt the backup after the backup has been restored. I did not have the servers backed up to cloud servers so that was not an option. I got into contact with people to help with this attack immediately. I worked with them for days on end to find a solution to this attack. We ended up on doing the backup but made sure that the malware wouldn't carry over to the restore. I ended up having to reconstruct some of the data.

This Attack happened due a venerability in the network setup. The attack happened due to the attacker finding the origin IP address and port scanning the IP to find open ports on the firewall. The attacker found that port 3389 was open. Since I used RDP to access the affected servers, they were able to gain access to them by cracking the password. Since this attack we have taken measures such as fixing the firewall vulnerability. As well as taking the proper security measures for all devices and servers.

posted 12/23/21 @01:05 MST

Emergency Maintenance December 2021

Hey Guys,

On Wednesday 12/15/21 We had a ransomware attack on the server this was caused by a flaw in our network setup which we quickly Worked to fix. We did a run on the Minecraft server hardware to make sure it was ok. Everything seemed to be good. What we forgot to check was the windows server which handles logon of our pc's. When I went to do something on the windows server I found that it was attacked as well. This attack took place on tcp/udp port 3389.

We Will now be actively working and scanning all our hardware for any signs of this attack on any other hardware. We will Provide updates about this as much as possible. Please be patient was we work to resolve this issue and make sure something like this never happens again.

We are sorry for any inconveniences,

Garrettmc Network.

Update #1 12/16/21 @23:15 MST: We have found out that the network file server was also hit with the attack. We are Working hard to find a solution please be patient while we are doing so.

Update #2 12/17/21 @07:37 MST: Security experts are currently working towards a solution for this issue and we are doing stuff on our end to make sure no further damage happens. Again we will provide you with further information as we know more.

Update #3 12/17/21 @15:18 MST: We have received a response from the cyber security research team. We are still working towards a solution, a solution should be coming within the next 5 hours. Best case scenario this incident will be over later today. Worst case it will be over sometime Tomorrow or Sunday. We will keep you all updated the more we know

Update #4 12/17/21 @22:30 MST: The ransomware attacks hit at about 03:37 MST on 12/15/21. I was asleep so immediate action was not taken this likely caused further damage then if it was detected sooner due to this we are still working with the security researchers to find a solution to bring the servers back as soon as possible.

Update #5 12/19/21 @22:11 MST: We are currently figuring out payment for the recovery we believe we have found a working solution to this issue. We will update you as soon as we know more. Please be patient as we are working as fast as we can to fix this issue. Going forward we will take more measures to prevent something like this from ever happening again. We have already taken the first few steps in preventing situations like these from getting as serious.

Update #6 12/20/21 @13:21 MST : We are now working towards a solution to restore 1 of the 2 servers. The bad news is that we will rework all of the policies and user accounts for the logon server which is the first server we will be recovering. We also added a status on how close we are to done

Update #7 12/21/21 @00:15 MST: We have successfully restored the first server. We plan on doing the same for the second server sometime today. If that goes to plan the server will be open with a cap of 50 players that can be online. We are so grateful to everyone that helped out in this situation. It wouldn't have been easy without them. Please be patent as we continue to fix this issue. When the server opens everyone will receive extra gifts and vip will be free for a 4 days after the incident is over, we are doing this because of the amount of lost time caused by this downtime.

Update #8 12/21/21 @12:45 MST: The website is back you're looking right at it!

Good News Everyone we will be opening the server to everyone. Keep In mind that there will be a cap on the players. We are opening for testing the stability of the server. We still have to complete the maintenance on the file server so the server will not open to full capacity until we complete the file server maintenance.

Update #9 12/21/21 @21:23 MST: We have closed server4 again while we make sure this malware is fully gone and wont be able to hit again. The server should be back at full capacity tomorrow.

Update #10 12/22/21 @13:22 MST: The maintenance is over yay!

⚠ Warning Potential Data Breach And Recent Cyber Attacks On the Garrettmc Network

12/15/21 @ 08:51 MDT This Morning there was an encryption bounty on one of our devices. We are actively working to find out why this happened. We are also actively monitoring network traffic due to recent high network traffic activity. We believe we were hacked, we are now going to take our cybersecurity to the next level. We will keep you posted as much as possible on this incident.

Update: 12/15/21 @ 11:37 MST We have currently put the server in maintenance while we check to make sure the server is has not been harmed by this recent incident

Update: 12/15/21 @ 18:11 MST The device has been fixed and we are still monitering for any more attacks or threats as well as working to be more secure against stuff like this in the future

Update: 12/15/21 @20:05 MST We can confirm that we have not been hacked as well as we do9 not have an active data breach This incident is over.

Posted 08:50 MDT on 12/15/21

Unexpected Christmas update additions (major update)

We are Currently Undergoing some updates we have put the server in maintenance while we test these updates

Update: @ 19:09 MST (12/13/21) We working with these new plugins. This was a more unexpected update but it will improve the server. Please be patient as these updates are implemented

Update: @ 21:37 MST (12/13/21) We are continuing to test plugins

Update: @22:51 MST (12/13/21) We are now working with a new ranks system

Update: @23:21 MST: We are now working with the rank prefixes and the bungee ranks issue. We were having some issues with the mysql database but we have since resolved those issues. The update wont be ready for release until at least tomorrow. The reason we are doing this update is to improve the server. I will be improved even more after we get our new hardware and add new game modes to the server. Please be patient as we work on getting thes updates released :)

Update: @07:45 MST (12/14/21) We have gotten permissions set now starting to work with an issue with our bungee based permission plugin. After that is resolved the update will be mostly ready to release! :)

Update: @15:49 MST (12/14/21) We are now starting to work with other plugins.

Update: @20:56 MST (12/14/21) The update has been completed !!! The ranks system has been revamped

Initially Posted: 12/13/21 @15:57 MST

Posted 12/9/21 @11:47 MST

We will be getting a better server hardware By the end of the year. This means we will have more game modes like skyblock, skywars, duels, and 1 or 2 more minigames.

⚠Possible High Server Ping and possible connection timeout⚠

We are currently experiencing high ping issues to the server. We are not sure why as of now we will keep you posted on issues. We believe its due to an issue with the network.

Update: the issue seems to be under control if you notice any issues just report to the discord server or support page

Update: This situation started at about 2:30 AM MST And continued worsening until the server completely crashed. The uptime was so bad because the ping monitor frequently timed out connections to the server. The ping was likely high due to an issue with the upstream provider or an DDoS or DoS attack on our origin or proxy IP.

Update: This incident seems fully under control. We will monitor for 4 more hours, if all is good we will remove the warning from the site

Update: Everything seems to be good and we will no longer be actively monitoring ping , if issues exist report it to us through the discord server or the support page

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Issue active from 12/5/21 @02:30 Mst to 12/6/21 @19:30 MST