Garrettmc 3.0 dev news

4/23/22: Announcement of development

Hello everyone we are exited to announce that we are going forward in Garrettmc. Since 2.0 came out we have come a long way and now have way more games to play than before. We have also recently done a big update on the lobby . We are ready for the next major update. We also want to mention that we are coming up on the servers 1 year anniversary which was on May 7th ,2021, and I can fully say I never thought this server would ever be Public or even still be going at this point, but I’m glad it is the way it is.

This Update is going to add new maps to Bedwars. Introduce 2 new games, overhaul of server features, polishing a lot of little things. Revamp of permissions system and more great stuff. We can see that the server needs a major refresh after not having a massive one since November when Garrettmc 2.0 Came out. We are excited to get started on the development and you can expect it to release by early June

4/24/22: Starting Development on new maps for the Bedwars server, We are also starting to work on getting things on a test server.

4/24/22 #2: Finished our first map for the Bedwars map expansion. The map will be called Cozy cabins and a picture preview will be down below. We are still working on a solution for the test server but we will keep you updated on that.

5/2/22: We are actively working on development of 2 new servers as well as actively working on updating bedwars . After we finish bedwars we will continue on to the smp, to be clear we will be updating all of the servers. A few days ago a power surge did corrupt our original cozy cabins bedwars map but we are back on track in the development of new maps. And we also have a working test server now. we will try our best to give you all more frequent updates.

5/3/22: We are now starting to develop our second new bedwars map called Planets. We will have a sneak peak of it shortly. We are still actively working on other servers as well. This Update should be out around June 12th

5/3/22 #2: We have completed our second map for the Bedwars map expansion. We are happy so far with how smoothly this development has gone as of far and we are on track to meet our projected release date. A sneak peak of our next new map will be down below.

5/6/22: We are new reworking the entire ranks system. in doing this we will have better managed per server perms systems and global rank assignment systems. Also now due to our improvements to the system your rank prefix will show up (prefixes are only for vip and higher ranks) when you chat. We are also starting a revamp of the smp. We will try to keep you updated as much as possible.

5/9/22: We have more updates for the 3.0 development.

We are now beginning to do improvements for the whole server-wide experience. Including a gui system for interacting with friends and players. Support for over 15 languages. And we are also doing an overhaul on the smp

5/9/22 #2: We are exited with how the development is going and we have now introduced the gui sytem for friends and the treading for smp as well as well as the land calming system for the smp. We are really exited with how smoothly development is going and we should have the beta program out by this weekend after we do a quick hardware upgrade. We are still working on getting a good multi language system. the next server we will be working on is the creative server.

5/10/22: ranks system has been completed for all servers

5/14/22: We have introduced a new feature on the smp where you can dig, farm, fish, hunt, and mine in exchange for server money. We have also added a tool repair system where you exchange server money to mend your tools. we have also added Redstone limiting to the creative server to prevent incidents like the one that happened last moth with the lag machines. We are also opening up a beta system for the server

Beta test program here:

5/15/22: We have done a few little "polish ups" and we are starting work on adding our new bedwars maps to duos, trios and squad modes. We have also implemented the friend api to the other lobby servers. We are still expecting to release around June 12th. We are also starting work on a factions server

Sneak peak of our new bedwars map called cozy cabins. This map is part of the Garrettmc 3.0 Bedwars map expansion.

Image posted 4/24/22 @ 23:43 MDT

Sneak Peak of our New bedwars map called planets. This map is part of the Garrettmc 3.0 bedwars map expansion

Image Posted 5/3/22 @ 22:58 MDT