We are a small home hosted server looking to become better and better over time. We will listen to our community suggestions. We are grateful for each and every one of you that plays on out server.

The history of The Garrettmc Network

While this server does have a very brief history it has a history, nonetheless. This server isn’t quite a year old at this point. Anyways let’s start off with the beginning.

May 2021: One day in May I decided that I was going to make a Minecraft server for me and my friends to play on occasionally. Now most people would have used a server hosting company, but of course I had to be different. So, what did it do? well I hosted on from my own home. At the time I had no idea what I was doing as far as making a good server. I also had no plans of ever expanding this server to anyone in the public to join. Now for people that did want to join my server, I had to give out my IP address. This was not my favorite thing to do so I bought a domain name and gave to my friends who wanted to join the server.

June-August: It was pretty quiet during those time periods, it was still private at this point, the only action that happened on the server during this time was me and a few other people occasionally building things in a regular Minecraft world. The server had a few plugins at this time, nothing too crazy just spawn protection. I would let anyone join if they found my website, but the server was not officially public at this time.

September- November: In September I decided to do a overhaul to the entire server. When I completed this I was ready to make the server public and advertise it, or so I thought. In all reality I was not ready to advertise it at all. Now this server has always been and remains a home hosted server, but at the time I had no DDoS protection for the server. When I advertised it, people could very easily get the Ip by going to a site like mcsrvstat.us and imputing my server address. Now due to this I suffered from many DDoS attacks. I acted fast and got a free protection service that wasn’t particularly good. It came with the downside of high ping. Along with that I also had poor uptime due to issues on my side and the DDoS protection services side. Also, the server was also quite buggy at the time. Now I had big plans for a November update. I fixed many issues and switched to a bungee system. There was one more thing I needed to fix. That was the ping, I chose to go with Cloudflare Spectrum. This reduced my ping by half.

December to now: Things remained good as far as reliability of the server, now I spent my time adding updated to the server to make it better over time. There was a ransomware attack that hit the server In December. This was caused most likely due to a flaw in the firewall of Log4j exploits. This was a real big issue that resulted in a 5-day maintenance period while I patched Log4j and Reworked the firewall. And recovered my affected server(s) After that I upgraded my server hardware, and I am continuing to expand and better the server.

It’s been bumpy ride, we hope it’s a lot better now,

Sincerely, Garrett from Garrettmc Network

©2022 Garrettmc LLC