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Our test server is open again for 4.0 :)

Our Statement on further actions By Microsoft/Mojang

Hello everybody, we hope you are all having a wonderful day. We are going to be giving some not so great news today unfortunately. We are going to be going into the topic of chat reporting again. Now you all might be saying to yourself why. That is a valid reason that I am going to be explaining to you all today so listen up.

Recently we have come to discover that they have put warnings over any messages that is sent in out server. It was already bad enough that they put a large warning on my server after 1.19.1. This is an issue to us because it could deter players from our server who don’t understand exactly what it means. They are seemingly trying to say that our server setup is insecure. While it is true that the proxied, servers are in offline/insecure mode. The proxy itself is not in offline/insecure mode. So, they are sort of paining a false narrative that my server is insecure when that is just not true.

We feel as if this is unjust and unnecessary for them to do. We really hope they don’t do further actions in taking away rights from server owners and deterring players away from their servers for reasons that are false. We do understand that the messages can be helpful sometimes but for most servers they are hurting their player base. We are sorry to say this but if there are any further actions that affect our server in a negative way or prevent us from running our server the way it has always been ran we will go private and stay on an old version. We are sorry to give out such bad news but on a good note we are happy to announce that we are going to soon start development of Garrettmc 4.0 :).

We hope you all have a wonderful day Sincerely,

Garrettmc Network

posted 9/23/22 @ 13:32 MDT

Garrettmc 3.4.7 Released :)

Hello everyone, we have released a bug fix update. In this update we have addressed the bug with /shop not working so now you no longer have to type /economyshopgui:shop to uses the shop in the smp.

Posted 9/22/2022 @ 14:09 MDT

Garrettmc Public release 1-year anniversary. 9/17/22

Hello everyone, we are super excited to announce that exactly 1 year ago today we released Garrettmc 1.0 (Formerly Garretts Network 1.0) to the public. Back then we could not fathom what the server has become today. 1.0 started off very rocky to begin with. We developed and released everything within a days’ time. We will admit now that we have terribly executed it. There were tons of issues with the update, we barley managed to fix any of these issues. One of the major crippling issues was with the permissions and world spawn issues in the smp and anarchy servers (worlds). Yes you heard that right back then we used multiple worlds instead of servers. There were also just a absolute crazy amount of bugs.

This version was very short lived lasting from September 17th to November 13th, 2021. The period of active development and fixes was even more short lived lasting from September 17th to October 11th 2021. The reason being is because we started developing for the much better Garrettmc 2.0. We will also admit the starting stages of Garrettmc 2.0 was rough, but we corrected that pretty fast.

We will be releasing a version history page soon so its easier to keep track of the history of this server. We started from 0 knowledge on how to run a Minecraft server. We have developed and bettered over time and we cant wait to continue down that path for Garrettmc 4.0 😊. We will grow and expand Garrettmc Network until Microsoft gets in our way.

posted 9/17/22 @ 08:33 MDT

Garrettmc 3.4.6 Released. (Administration changes)

Hello Everyone , we are happy to announce the release of this minor update. There is only 1 change in this update. We are working on the alpha stages of Garrettmc 4.0 at the moment.

In this update we have made a change to the way we administrate the Smp, Classic Smp, Creative, Anarchy, and Factions server. We understand that you may be afraid of getting easily banned. However need not worry because unless you are greifing heavily (not applicable to Anarchy) or making lag machines you will be fine

Posted: 9/14/22 @ 17:06 MDT

Garrettmc 3.4.5 Released.

Hello Everyone we are excited to announce the release of Garrettmc 3.4.5. We have Introduced seasons into the smp server. Each season lasts 3 months as they do in real life. These seasons are based on how they are in real life in the northern hemisphere. We have also done a few bug fixes and Got the realms server on the latest version.

Changes in 3.4.5:

  • New seasons in Smp

  • Bug Fixes

  • Updated Realms server on latest version.

Posted: 9/3/22 @ 12:29 MDT

Fall Update released :)

Hop on to a fresh new update with a brand new fresh lobby, new bedwars map, fall there, and added functionality for future expansion.

Changes brought to Garrettmc 3.4 (the Fall update):

  • New Bedwars Map

  • New Lobby

  • Fall theme

  • Hardware upgrades and new npcs slots for future server expansion

  • General Bug fixes

posted 9/1/22 @ 00:08 MDT

News on the Fall update:

Hello everyone we are sorry for the lack of updates in the past couple of months, we didn't have any ideas for an update. Now we a decently sized update for you all. The biggest change will be that we are implementing a new lobby. We also want to say that we are sorry for the downtime period and maintenance the past few days. We had a very hard time implementing changes to the server and pretty much everything went wrong. We don't normally say this but we would love if you show some appreciation towards the server as we spend countless hours to make sure everyone's data was safe and to make sure that the server was working right.

Changes coming in Garrettmc 3.4 (the fall update)

  • Fall theme

  • New lobby

  • New bedwars map

  • Fixing any small and known bugs

  • A hardware upgrade for the server ( may be after release date)

posted 8/27/22 @ 18:10 MDT

Good news on us supporting newer versions of mc :)

Hello everyone as the heading says we have some awesome news on supporting Minecraft clients newer than 1.19.1. As you all know previously we said that we will continue to allow support for connecting with newer versions of Minecraft. Well very fortunately we can continue to bring new features of major releases to certain servers as technical setup of our server does not allow the chat reporting to work. The reason for this is due to the fact that servers behind a proxy like Bungeecord are required to be in offline mode. This essentially makes that chat reporting feature useless as the messages cannot be verified, therefore they cannot be reported.

posted 8/6/22 @ 01:11 MDT

Our views on 1.19.1:

For many years Minecraft has been a simple yet fun game for most. The players host the servers, the players moderate their own servers freely. This is and always has been the Minecraft we have all come to know and love. We strongly believing this way of minecraft. We also believe in the freedom of speech on this server. The new policies Microsoft has implemented infringe on our ideologies on how a Minecraft server should be ran. If you didn't already know Minecraft version 1.19.1 introduced a chat reporting system. This system makes it so your actions on one minecraft server get you banned on another. We believe that this is strongly unjust and we will not allow this on this server. for this reason non of our clients will ever see a version newer than 1.19. We will support newer versions of minecraft but we will never implement the new features of it ever again because of the new changes brought to 1.19.1.

Be sure to bring awareness by using #saveminecraft as much as possible :)

posted: 7/30/22 @0:53 MDT

Garrettmc 3.3 Released.

We are happy to have released our public realm. This server has 0 plugins and is free to play for everyone. Keep in mind that the server only supports 1.19. We hope you like our new game and we hope to bring more new ones soon :).

posted: 7/26/22 @ 08:51 MDT

Garrettmc 3.1.2 Released :)

We are happy to say that the bedrock crossplay is back up and running :). We also have all of the previous mentioned servers on a 1.19 client now. We hope you all have a fabulous day

posted: 6/23/22 @ 14:04 MDT

Garrettmc 3.1.1 Released :)

We have spend countless hours to get 1.19 working again but we have finally done so, Yay! :). We don't say this often but we would love if you gave us support for making a free and fun multiplayer experience to you all. We apricate you all regardless. We are aware that our Bedrock crossplay client isn't working at the moment we will address this in 3.1.2 as well as get the Classic smp, Factions, and Garrettmc city on a 1.19 client instead of just supporting 1.19. We hope you all have a wonderful day.

posted 6/22/22 @ 00:25 MDT

Garrettmc 3.1 Has dropped :)

Hello Folks we have dropped the next major update known as 3.1. We want this let you know that this update has had many issues upon release. we want to let you all know that 1.19 support has been dropped at the moment due to this.

Changes brought to the update:

  • New store Items

  • Improved the store

  • New bedwars map as shown in image above. (Available to Solo, Duos, 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4v4)

  • Added 1.19 support to creative and anarchy (1.19 not supported at time

posted 6/21/22 @ 18:46 MDT

Hello Everyone if you were unable to connect to the server at around 10 to 11 hours ago we are aware of this. The reason is that our upstream provider (Cloudflare) had an outage. This affected many more things like Discord and other online platforms, Minecraft servers like Hypixel and many other things were affected. We hope you all have a good day and we will keep you updated if more outages occur today as there are still issue reports with Cloudflare.

Posted 6/21/22 @ 11:26 MDT

Garrettmc 3.0.7 Released :)

Our smp now supports 1.19, please note that some features aren't working. we are trying our best to get these working please be patient.

Garrettmc 3.0.6 Released :)

We now allow you to chose your render distance. you can now go up to 48 chunks in the server. it is ultimately your choice of render distance however.

Posted: 6/15/22 @ 23:37 MDT

Garrettmc 3.0.5 released :)

Change notes: This update brings an Easter egg to the lobby.

Have you ever been walking and seen something that shouldn't be there or that shouldn't be explored. Its probably not a good idea to go there. However your curiosity gets the best of you and you inevitably do that. you are now somewhere when you have no idea where you are or how to get out. Explore at your own risk.....

Quick hint: its not found in the woods of the lobby.

posted: 6/9/22 @ 13:04 MDT

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that you can now join the server with 1.19. For now 1.8 support doesn't work. We had a hard time getting 1.19 supported and because of that 1.8 support is not working at this time. we are sorry for any inconveniences caused by that.

Update: 1.8 is working now, there may still be a few issues.

posted 6/7/22 @ 17:21 MDT. Updated: 6/7/22 @ 20:50 MDT

Garrettmc 3.0: The Summer Update ☀🌻🌞:

Hello Everyone we are very exited to bring to you all the summer Update. We have released this slightly early to you all. This version is also called 3.0 which is the successor to 2.0, hop on and enjoy the fresh new summer update with some friends :).

Main improvements and Changes:

  • New Bedwars maps

  • Better per server ranks and global ranks

  • New factions server

  • Make money by doing tasks ion smp

  • Trade others on smp

  • Improved social systems

  • Added a city server

  • Fixed little "quirks" from 2.0

posted 6/3/22 @ 20:19 MDT

Check out our 3.0 trailer:

Our Stance on Pride Month

We understand that June is pride month, we also understand how other companies recognize it and support it. You may be wondering, is Garrettmc Network doing that? Well, the answer will be no, this is our official statement on the matter and there will be no recognition of Pride Month in any capacity on the server or website. To be clear in this statement, we are not saying we have anything against the community, we are simply saying that our stance on Pride Month is neutral. On this server you have the freedom of speech and the freedom to have your own beliefs and Ideologies, which means that we do not care about your Political, Religious, Sexual, and or any Beliefs as freedom of speech is valued on this server. If you choose to support Pride month you, do you and you have the freedom to do that, but we also have the freedom not to stand for it which is the action we are taking in this matter. We hope you all understand that we are not doing this because we hate the community but rather, we do not want any sort of recognition of it on our server whatsoever.

Sincerely, Garrettmc Network Staff and owner

Garrettmc 3.0 Development Announcement

Hello everyone we are exited to announce that we are going forward in Garrettmc. Since 2.0 came out we have come a long way and now have way more games to play than before. We have also recently done a big update on the lobby . We are ready for the next major update. We also want to mention that we are coming up on the servers 1 year anniversary which was on May 7th ,2021, and I can fully say I never thought this server would ever be Public or even still be going at this point, but I’m glad it is the way it is.

This Update is going to add new maps to bedwars. Introduce 2 new games, overhaul of server features, polishing a lot of little things. Revamp of permissions system and more great stuff. We can see that the server needs a major refresh after not having a massive one since November when Garrettmc 2.0 Came out. We are excited to get started on the development and you can expect it to release by early June

Areas Getting Improvement

· Overall Play Experience

· Permissions and ranks system

· More features throughout the server

· Fixing up all the little flaws

· Expanding of game diversity

· Expanding of bedwars map diversity

Big update: The lobby update

Ever since we introduced the massive update back in November the lobby has had very little changes. We liked the lobby very much, and we give full credit to Arch_NN and bidule995 for their amazing work on the old lobby. Unfortunately this lobby just didn't fit our needs as time went on and we started to expand out our servers. As well as this this lobby was also hard for many lower end systems to run as it was built and based off the amplified style world. We needed to come up with something. This is when we decided to build our new lobby ourselves so that we could perfectly fit our own needs. This lobby is also much easier for lower end pcs to run as it is built off the regular world type. We hope you all love the lobby just as much as we do.

Come join and check it out today :)

Exiting Update ( Classic Smp)

Are you all tired of the crazy smp's with the crazy features and plugins? Do you just want to sit down and play some good ol survival with your friends or by yourself? If you answered yes to any of those, we have the server for you. Anyways here at Garrettmc we are always focused on adding new features with each major update. Recently we have thought of how fun it is sometimes to just play some good old survival. That is why we have created this server. We realize it wont be everyone's thing, but there are also a lot of people who just don't like the way smps are now. Since we understood that we decided to create this server.

The server is nothing fancy there is pretty much no plugins, its just stright up survival and surviving the nights and fending off from the monsters, like the good old days.


Did some slight updates 1. Got rid of annoying lobby fireworks and announcement sounds. 2. Created a way more stable backup system 3. Did some Performance improvements to smp. 4. Starting work on a better restart method so all servers will auto startup if crashed. 5. Working on a plot system for creative server. 6. Starting work on fixing the plot system for the smp, currently there is no plots until I can get the plot system fully functional. 5.Updated a few plugins to latest version 6. Cleaned up broken plugins, we are starting work on a new classic smp server that should drop sometime this weekend.

Posted at: 3/31/22 @ 23:00 MDT

Slight Updates

Did some slight updates 1. Got rid of annoying lobby fireworks and announcement sounds. 2. Created a way more stable backup system 3. Did some Performance improvements to smp. 4. Starting work on a better restart method so all servers will auto startup if crashed. 5. Working on a plot system for creative server. 6. Starting work on fixing the plot system for the smp, currently there is no plots until I can get the plot system fully functional.

posted 3/24/22 @ 22:29 MDT